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Having Skin in the Game: Our Real-Money Portfolio

Starting small and experimenting

We started a small account with Robinhood. Robinhood is the upstart who forced the old-timers like Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade to eliminate commissions on trades.

We will try out this app for a bit and maybe open another account with the Cash App.

We like experimenting with new products but don’t fully trust them with large amounts of money. If you’ve never used one of these new apps, we recommend starting small, and as you get comfortable, add more to the account.

Our investments fall into two buckets

  1. Tactical (Technical): For these trades, we have a specific price target to take profits at, and a stop to protect our downside. In simple terms, we try to pick the stocks/ETFs that have the highest chance of going up in price. Our holding time is 1-3 years.

  2. Strategic (Fundamental): Occasionally, we think we have an insight into a company and are willing to make a five to ten-year bet to see if we are right. We are looking for companies that have the potential to dominate their category and whose product or service is not easily replicated. This analysis is more qualitative. 

Who Are You🤨

Hi there! My name is Caleb Dismuke. I started investing during the 2008/09 financial crisis.

There are no secrets to investing. Get rich quick strategies do not exist.

To be successful, we must exercise common sense, discipline, and patience.

Every strategy, including ours, will have drawdowns. There are no exceptions.

Read more about our investment philosophy:

To Achieve Superior Investment Results…

You have to have a better-than-average ability to know when risk-taking will lead to gain and when it will end in loss.

-Howard Marks

Whether you use fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a combination—in the end—it comes down to judgment and the ability to stay disciplined under pressure.

Like everybody else, we will have our share of stinkers. But we hope that over time, the magnitude of winners outweighs the magnitude of our losers.

If we can accomplish that, we have a shot at achieving above-average returns.

Happy trading😉

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