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Weekend Links: What we Read, Listened to, and Watched

🔥New Format (Podcast First); American Tower ($AMT); iShares Cohen Steers ($ICF)

💥Data Center REITs; 5G Technology; Esports

🔥Stitch Fix ($SFIX) | Colony Capital ($CLNY)

HealthEquity ($HQY); Netflix ($NFLX); Recommendations

The Milkshake Problem; Jobs-to-be-Done Theory; The Meatless Revolution

📆Upcoming Schedule

☀Long Clean Energy. Short Fossil Fuels? Long Chaos💥

Long Papa John's New CEO. Long Starboard Value

How to Trade the Major Index and Sector ETFs

Illumina ($ILMN), AbbVie ($ABBV), Gold ($GLD)

How These Two Factors Can Help You Find Better Investment Opportunities

3 Ways to Evaluate an Investment's Potential

This is Why Netflix Will Crush the Competition: They Take More Swings Than Anybody

Sam Altman's Advice on How to be Successful

Macy's: A Technical Outlook

The Overlooked Underdog😬

Irrational Exuberance

🗻Apex Mountain🗻


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